Business documents - Geschäftsunterlagen

As global trade and communication increases, so does the demand for professional, reliable and confidential German-to-English translation services. If you are investing significantly in product development, research, legal negotiations or advertising, in the long run it pays to obtain professional translations.

German Translation Online 
has been providing private and government organisations in both Europe and Australia with German-to-English translations of the highest quality for almost 20 years. Longterm clients are able to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing to a tried and trusted supplier who knows their business, their translation priorities and their particular in-house communication style/s and specialised terminology (including abbreviations), enhancing translation productivity and cost-effectiveness.

These benefits are magnified by our utilisation of Deja Vu computer-aided translation (CAT) software. This allows us not only to archive all translations for future reference, but to create glossaries to ensure standardised use of terminology across the full breadth of your corporate communications. German Translation Online also makes extensive use of existing electronic and traditional terminology resources .

German, Swiss and Austrian clients may wish to make use of the time difference (8-10 hours) to obtain express German-to-English translations overnight.

German Translation Online is also able to conduct translation and intercultural communication audits and needs analyses for your company. Contact Michael Grunwald to discuss your specific requirements. 

Regardless of your functional business needs (production/operations, HR, finance, IT, marketing and market research, customer support, R&D, sales), German Translation Online has a reliable translator with experience in translating that type of document (see a selection of example below).

Documents we have translated in the past include:

  • Advertising copy and slogans
  • Balance sheets, profit and loss statements, annual reports
  • Building specifications
  • Business and investment reports
  • Business correspondence, quotes & orders
  • Company memoranda, articles of association, commercial registry entries, shareholders resolutions, press releases, newsletters
  • Computer access security guidelines
  • Conference presentations
  • Cookbooks & culinary reference works
  • Mining process reports
  • Government funding allocation guidelines (European Reparation Project)
  • Health insurance brochures
  • Import / export approval documentation
  • Industrial investment loan agreements
  • Industrial manufacturing operator manuals
  • Installation & maintenance manuals
  • Insurance conditions & claim documentation
  • Joint venture presentation, agreement & manufacturing plan
  • Industry journal articles
  • Legal submissions and responses, evidence, transcripts, court rulings
  • Marketing device specifications and user manuals
  • Nietzsche quotes
  • OH&S specifications
  • Patents - full texts and abstracts
  • Power Point presentations
  • Product information
  • Research documentation
  • Sales & distribution agreements
  • SAP R3 localisation documentation and user manuals
  • Scientific and technical reports
  • Service and maintenance contracts
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Software manuals
  • Staff selection & training manuals
  • Steering technology & manufacturing tools
  • Subcontracting agreements
  • System specifications and screen commands
  • Trade fair documentation and marketing brochures
  • Travel guides and tourist information 
  • Warehouse and materials handling specifications
  • Work references & recruitment assessments

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