Personal documents - Persönliche Dokumente

German Translation Online has been providing translations of German, Swiss, Austrian and Australian personal documents, predominantly for visa application and/or migration purposes, for over 15 years. We know what German-to-English translations Australian authorities require - so please feel free to ask!

Thanks to our many years' experience, we are often able to provide sound advice on the scope and type of documentation required for various purposes, e.g. for the recognition of professional qualifications.

German Translation Online only engages the services of German-to-English translators living in Australia. This means they are fully conversant with both German, Swiss, Austrian and Australian professional and educational documents and standards. Furthermore, the confidentiality of your personal information will not be compromised by faxing/emailing/uploading to (budget) translation services overseas.

Certified copies of original documents (e.g. as required by DIBP - formerly DIAC and DIMIA) can be prepared free of charge by Justices of the Peace. Please visit the following website to find a Justice of the Peace near you in NSW: Justices of the Peace Register. For ethical reasons translators who are also JPs should not certify copies of documents they themselves then translate.

Please find a list of the types of personal documents we translate on a regular basis below, either maintaining the format and layout of the original document or by employing officially recognised and standardised extract translations to facilitate comprehension by the intended recipient (e.g. DIBP, DET/NOOSR, prospective employers).

Note re work references: Regardless of your employment function (trades, production/operations, HR, finance, IT, marketing and market research, customer support, R&D, sales, service provision or self-employment), German Translation Online has a seasoned translator with experience in translating a range of documents in that field (click here to see examples of business translation examples).


  • Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis
  • Geburtsurkunde
  • Heiratsurkunde
  • Scheidungsurkunde
  • Entlassungsbescheid
  • Zivildienstbescheinigung
  • Einbürgerungsurkunde
  • Abstammungsurkunde
  • Abitur-, Real- & Hauptschulzeugnisse
  • Ausbildungsabschlußzeugnisse
  • Fähigkeitszeugnisse
  • Fort- & Weiterbildungszeugnisse
  • Arbeitszeugnisse
  • Hochschulprüfungsleistungen
  • Hochschulprüfungszeugnisse
  • Studieninhalte
  • Eidestattliche Erklärungen
  • Persönlicher Schriftwechsel als Beziehungsnachweis
  • Persönliche Gutachten
  • Mietbestätigung
  • Kontoauszüge
  • Vollmacht
  • Versicherungsunterlagen
  • Ärztliche Unterlagen
  • Rentenleistungsunterlagen


  • Police / Good conduct certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Military service discharge certificate
  • Non-military national service certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Familial record
  • School reports / certificates
  • Vocational qualification certificates
  • Further education certificates
  • Work references
  • Academic transcripts
  • University examination certificates / degrees
  • Tertiary education curricula
  • Statutory declarations
  • Personal correspondence as evidence of ongoing relationship
  • Personal references
  • Confirmation of rental tenancy
  • Bank statements
  • Power of attorney
  • Insurance documents
  • Medical certificates
  • Pension documents

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